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The meaning of wearing different color bracelets: mood, friendship

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-09-11
The meaning of wearing different color bracelets: mood, friendship KEKE Jewelry Factory
As the processing technology of jewelry is becoming more and more mature, electroplating jewelry is deeply loved by people at its affordable price. Looking at so many beautiful jewelry, bracelets of different electroplating colors have meanings that are not used.

Mood bracelets: Different colors represent different moods.

Black represents stress and tension; gray is similar to black and represents tension and anxiety; brown represents restlessness; pink represents fear and anxiety; red represents adventure, energy, passion and drive; orange represents boldness and excitement; yellow represents creativity force

and imagination; green represents a calm mood; blue means happiness and relaxation; purple represents passion and romance.

Friendship Bracelets: As the name suggests, friendship bracelets are for friends. It comes in different types, the most popular ones are bracelets and beaded bracelets. All forms of friendship bracelets have a meaning, eternal friendship.

Red symbolizes love; white bracelets represent pure friendship; yellow bracelets symbolize happy friendship, or companionship; and orange represents close friends.

Different colors have different moods, and friendships are even more different. When choosing a bracelet, consider its color.

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