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the history of cardboard boxes

by:Keke Jewelry     2019-10-13
Simple cardboard boxes play an important role in our modern society, but they are not known.
It\'s hard to imagine how we got along before we invented them, but they \'ve only been used in general for the last few hundred years or so.
The story of this simple but important invention follows.
Cartons are prefabricated boxes in the industry and are mainly used for packing goods and materials or moving.
In 1817, Sir Malcolm Thornhill produced the first commercial carton in the UK, and in 1895, the first carton was made in the United States.
At 1900, boxes and boxes are being replaced with corrugated boxes.
The appearance of flaky grains increases the use of cartons.
The Kellogg brothers were the first to use cartons as cereal cartons.
In France, the history of cartons is longer.
Caton Museum and Italian museum (
Carton Museum)
Dating back to the history of carton manufacturing in the region in valerias France, it was noted that cartons have been used by silk manufacturers since 1840 to ship Silkworm moths and their eggs from Japan to Europe.
In addition, carton manufacturing has been a major industry in the region for more than a century.
The usual cliché for cardboard boxes and children says that if a child is given a new toy that is big and expensive, he/she will soon get bored with the toy and switch to the box.
Although this is usually a joke, of course children like to play with boxes and paint them as infinitely diverse objects with their imagination.
An example in popular culture is Calvin in Calvin and Hobbs comics.
He often uses a cardboard box for imagination, from \"Shapers\" to popular machines, and the reputation of cardboard boxes as a toy was added to the National Toy Hall of Fame in 2005.
It\'s a few non-brand-
Specific toys will be awarded inclusion.
In addition, a toy carton \"House \"(
Actually a cabin)
A box made of large cartons was also added to the hall and placed in Strong-
The National Museum is located in Rochester, New York.
Another more frustrating use of cartons is the stereotype of homeless people living in cartons.
In 2005 Melbourne architect Peter Ryan actually designed a house consisting mainly of cardboard.
An important business project, a children\'s toy, a last resort home, these are just some of the roles that cartons have played in the past 200.
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