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How Do You Make Rubber Wristbands?

by:Keke Jewelry     2020-04-29
Nowadays, it seems that everyone is wearing rubber band bracelets.This popular accessory is often used to promote careers, music bands and even politicians.If you want, the company can make personalized rubber band bracelets for you.
Why not make your own bracelets instead of spending a lot of money on them?Making your own rubber band bracelet is easy, cheap and very enjoyable.Choose the rubber band size you want.If you are going to personalize the bracelet with text or decoration, make sure the rubber band is wide enough to support the decoration.Try it with a rubber band to make sure it fits comfortably.
Choose the color of the rubber band bracelet you want.Bright colors can attract attention, which is good if you wear bracelets for promotional purposes.Pour warm water into a bowl large enough to hold the rubber band.
Drop the color of the food into the water.The number of drops you add depends on how bright or rich you want the color of the bracelet to be.The more colors you add, the deeper the color will be.
Place the bracelet in a bowl of edible pigments and water.Let the rubber bands soak until you reach the color you want.Remove the straps with gloves on your hands and let them dry on the paper towel.
Once the rubber band bracelet is dry, apply the decorations you want.Write text on rubber band bracelets using steel mesh and thin permanent marks, or glue gems or other decorations
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