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How an engagement ring was born

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-27

Many people in the world know that boys give girls gifts and girls wear engagement rings, but they don't know how this is born. Chen Jun Jewelry Stainless Steel Jewelry Factory is here to solve the mystery for you.

1. The Origin of Engagement Rings

It is said to be the deduction result of the ancient marriage robbery and the origin of engagement and wedding rings. At that time, men took women from other tribes and put them in shackles. Over the years, shackles became engagement rings and wedding rings, and a man putting a ring on a woman meant she was mine.

In other words, the first person in the world to use a ring as a token of engagement was King Masmini of Austria. In 1477, Masmini met a princess named Mary in a public place. Masmini was mesmerized by her beautiful appearance and elegant demeanor.

Although Mamini knew that Mary was engaged to the then French crown prince, in order to win her love, Mamini decided to try her luck. Life specially made a precious diamond ring for Mary.

In the face of this finely crafted, sparkling diamond ring and Masmini's passionate pursuit, Mary finally changed her mind and married Masmini happily. Since then, it has become a Western tradition to use a diamond ring as a token of engagement.

What is the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring?

1. The first time an engagement ring was worn in public was the day the engagement was announced. And it's a seamless ring.

2. Engagement rings are different from wedding rings: Engagement rings are studded with jewelry and other accessories. The implication is that the love between the two parties is pure and flawless, making others seamless. Must be high purity platinum, gold or silver.

3. The wedding ring must be light and not inlaid with any gemstones; second, the engagement ring is not allowed to engrave any text; the wedding ring can be engraved with the surname, initials and date of both men and women. An engagement ring is the same as a wedding ring. The man put it on the woman's left ring finger in public and kissed her hand.

4. An engagement ring is not necessary to prove the validity of an engagement. Some people think that an engagement ring is just as important as a wedding ring.

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