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Worried about choosing a titanium bracelet size?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-12
Worried about choosing a titanium bracelet size? KEKE jewelry processing factory teaches you how to choose
Many people don't know how to start buying titanium steel bracelets online, and they worry about choosing titanium steel bracelets because they don't know how many sizes to choose. KEKE jewelry processing factory teaches you how to choose the size of titanium steel bracelets.

1. We can put 4 long fingers (except the thumb) to the 'tiger's mouth', squeeze it tightly, and then measure it with a measuring tool. After measuring the size, add 3~4mm on this basis to be just suitable for wearing Titanium steel bracelet size. This amount of size will be relatively tight. If some people want to wear a larger size, they can increase the size a little bit.

2. When choosing a titanium steel bracelet, you must be able to put the bracelet into 4 long fingers (that is, except the thumb) and reach the 'tiger's mouth'. It feels a little tighter. You can take off the bracelet and measure the inner diameter. It is more suitable to wear by yourself. It can also be appropriately increased by 1-2 mm, which has the advantage that it can be put on and taken off more easily. If you wear it, you don't plan to take it off. In turn, reducing the size by 1 to 2 mm can make the bracelet more difficult to fall off. Generally, when choosing, you should try it on first. When trying on, you can apply some detergent or soapy water on your hands, and ask someone to help you to put the bracelet into your wrist with a little force.

With three or five fingers together, ask someone to measure the circumference of the thickest part of your hand in the thinnest state with a soft rope, then divide it by 3.14, and add 1~2mm to get the inner diameter of your titanium steel bracelet. For example: the length you measure is 170mm, then 170/3.141~2=55~56mm.

These three measurement methods are only used as a reference, and it can be measured several times to obtain an average value, which is more stable. Now titanium steel jewelry has wearing size reference, you can also choose according to the merchants, which is more popular

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