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Winter jewelry collocation, how to choose titanium steel sweater chain and choker?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-09-08
Winter jewelry collocation, how to choose titanium steel sweater chain and choker?
Someone asked the author, when winter is coming, how should titanium steel sweater chain and choker be chosen? Personally, it is recommended not to choose choker as a winter jewelry accessory in winter. Although choker looks good, it is only suitable for wearing when the neck is exposed, and it is suitable for matching with light clothes. Thick sweaters with extremely short chokers don't feel like a season.

So how to choose a titanium steel sweater chain? Don't choose too short, medium and long sweater chains are basically not minefields. You can buy them according to your own preferences. If the color of the sweater is too plain, you can choose sweater chains with rich colors and complicated styles to match. Not too much together.

There were also popular stackable titanium steel sweater chains before. If you like this style, try not to choose titanium steel jewelry that is already eye-catching and eye-catching enough. In order to play the effect of 1+1>2.

No matter which style of titanium steel sweater chain you choose, remember to match it according to the neckline of the sweater you wear. The sweater chain is always used as a matching decoration, and what is the most important match.

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