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Why is electroplating so important in titanium steel jewelry processing?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-14
Why is electroplating so important in titanium steel jewelry processing? KEKE jewelry factory
In the process of titanium steel jewelry processing, electroplating is often required, which has an important position. Why is this? KEKE jewelry processing factory believes that this is because this process can not only beautify the appearance of titanium steel jewelry, but also allow the jewelry to have a good color retention time.

We all know that electroplating is a widely used surface processing technology, among which vacuum electroplating is often used in the processing of titanium steel jewelry. , with different jewelry surface shapes, including matte, texture, corrosion streaks, etc., can largely meet the needs of consumers for jewelry.

The importance of electroplating process is reflected in the quality of electroplating. Good quality electroplating has a considerable effect on the processing of titanium steel jewelry, especially electroplating 18k gold or rose gold, which can effectively increase the corrosion resistance of jewelry, prolong the life of jewelry, and beautify the appearance. Wait. Titanium steel jewelry is generally vacuum-plated, which is not only environmentally friendly and pollution-free, but also makes the jewelry more wear-resistant.

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