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Why do you need a factory inspection before cooperating with a jewelry factory?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-26
Why do you need a factory inspection before cooperating with a jewelry factory?
Many jewelry brands do not have their own factories. They mainly do design and brand operation. The products cooperate with jewelry factories to produce products that meet the quality of their own brands. There are many jewelry factories that have cooperated with brands, and many small and medium-sized jewelry merchants should find such factories as OEM or sell goods.

Many merchants who have cooperated with jewelry factories will say that they need on-site factory inspections before cooperating with jewelry factories. Why? Because many factories are just starting out with insufficient strength, or the technology is immature. Therefore, once you decide to cooperate with a jewelry factory, it is recommended to inspect the factory first, so that you can know the strength of the factory, processing output, quality and so on. This is also to avoid pits, after all, the quality of many small workshops is unsightly.

Now that the factory has been inspected on the spot, you should take a closer look at the strength of jewelry processing. Many of the customers' pain points are long processing cycles, untimely delivery, and so on. The on-site factory inspection can see how much output, quality, cooperation methods, and whether it can meet their own needs, so on-site factory inspection is very necessary.

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