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Why do women like stainless steel jewelry?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-09-15
Why do women like stainless steel jewelry? KEKE jewelry factory
It is best to change jewelry occasionally. First of all, you have to consider what you wear in your daily life. Some people wear it after buying a piece of jewelry, and they don't take it off. In fact, if you are not of religious value, it is recommended that you take off this kind of ring regularly for maintenance. You do not have to wear it all the time, but you can change it occasionally. From the standpoint of consumers, how to choose popular style rings?

hand shape and ring

You have to pay attention to the shape of your hand, the shape of the hand and the ring are in harmony with each other. Say your hands are a little thick. It's a little distorted in shape, some hands are like carrots, mine is a little bit like, and I'm getting older. At this time, you need to have higher requirements for the overall shape of the ring and its curve.

If your hands are still slender. Then you may not be so picky about rings, you can wear some rings that are a little wider and a little more sassy.

Skin tones and gemstones

In addition to this, it is the main gemstone you set, and the gemstone involves various colors. Color has a lot to do with your skin tone.

If your hands are rough, reddish, and yellowish, then I suggest you choose some cool-colored gems first. Such as sapphire, emerald, aquamarine, these kinds of gemstones will offset the dull color of your skin.

If you have fair skin, shiny and rosy skin, this seems to be an advertisement for which cosmetic product, I suggest that you can be more refreshing and choose some more brightly colored gemstones.

For this kind of bright, I suggest that it is the kind that is rich and very strong, because your skin is already very fair and tender, maybe you are also a relatively well-maintained and relatively young person, then you It may seem a little frivolous to the visual experience of others. At this time, you use a strong red, such as tourmaline, such as garnet. This color will make you appear deeper and more sophisticated, and complement your image and temperament.

Image temperament and ring

In foreign countries, many people will pay attention to your hands. For example, there is no wedding ring on your ring finger. If the other party is a leftover girl, he may start a love offensive against you. This is a small detail. Of course, what kind of ring you wear will also It has a certain relationship with your image and temperament and your cultural accomplishment.

A ring that conforms to its own image and temperament, starting from the material, the workmanship, and the entire design.

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