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Why did the earrings turn black after wearing them for a few days?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-25
Why did the earrings turn black after wearing them for a few days?

W: I bought a pair of silver earrings for more than 10 yuan online, but they were completely black after wearing them for a few days.


Ding: When shopping online, you will often buy fake and defective products. Not to mention that the price of silver is more than 5 yuan per gram, and the silver earrings you buy for 10 yuan are not genuine.

Silver earrings produced by silver jewelry factories are generally carefully polished and polished, and then electroplated with platinum (the plating fee is generally 3~5 yuan). It should not be real silver earrings, and the plating is not normal rack plating, just low-cost barrel plating.

This kind of earrings is not only easy to turn black, but also causes wearing allergies. It is recommended not to buy them.
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