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Why are stainless steel jewelry sold in shopping malls so expensive?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-26
Why are stainless steel jewelry sold in shopping malls so expensive? KEKE jewelry factory
I believe that many people go to shopping malls when they buy jewelry. After all, there are many types of shopping malls, including gold jewelry, silver jewelry, stainless steel jewelry, copper jewelry, etc., but has anyone thought about why stainless steel jewelry sold in shopping malls is so expensive? KEKE jewelry processing factory will take you to understand.

Jewelry sold in general shopping malls is much higher than the selling price of jewelry stores outside. The premium ranges from 50% to 200%, and some are ridiculously high. For example, if you want to sell stainless steel jewelry in the mall, what costs need to be analyzed? First, the location is good, and it can ensure a certain flow of people every day, especially on weekends, so the rent of such a store will be more expensive, and in the shopping mall, the cost of decorating the store is also high. Second, the access rules are strict. Generally, jewelry that can enter the shopping mall needs to provide brand certification. The quality of stainless steel jewelry processing must pass the test, and the brand will bring added value to the jewelry, so the products in the shopping mall are more secure for customers. . The third is the cost of personnel. The store needs certain personnel to maintain according to the size of the store. Therefore, all kinds of added costs need to be borne by the product price.

KEKE jewelry processing factory believes that buying jewelry in shopping malls is the same as buying jewelry in jewelry stores. It mainly depends on the quality of the products. If you don't buy expensive jewelry, you can buy it casually. If you buy expensive jewelry, it is recommended to go to a brand store or shopping mall to buy it. After all, if there is a problem with the product, you can still be held accountable.

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