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Why are some brands of titanium steel jewelry so expensive?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-09-14
Why are some brands of titanium steel jewelry so expensive? KEKE jewelry factory
Many people say, why are some brands of titanium steel jewelry so expensive? Obviously it doesn't cost much to make the finished product! KEKE jewelry processing factory has been focusing on the customized processing of titanium steel jewelry for more than ten years. Today, I will tell you why?

Brand titanium steel jewelry is expensive for its reason. In addition to considering the production cost, the brand will have a brand premium. The reason for becoming a brand must be that it has a certain number of brand fans. These fans are the basis of the brand premium and will pay for it because they trust its titanium steel jewelry brand. Not only that, but on the contrary, because the brand can provide the quality, style and service that fans demand. Therefore, to become a brand is inseparable from the support of consumers and the improvement of its own service capabilities.

Why are some brands of titanium steel jewelry so expensive? The raw materials and crafts they often use are very good, and the styles are also designed and developed by themselves, and then handed over to the jewelry processing factory for OEM production. It includes material cost, process cost, development cost, etc. Before the finished product comes out, a lot of manpower and material resources and a lot of time have been consumed. These are intangible costs. Of course, all of this is for the sustainable development of a virtuous circle of brand jewelry.

In addition to the customized development cost of titanium steel jewelry, in order to increase users, brand titanium steel jewelry will basically do marketing promotion and advertise its brand, which increases the marketing cost, rather than reducing this part of the cost like the store stall. The last is the service cost. Brand titanium steel jewelry has its own corresponding service team. I believe that many users choose it because the brand titanium steel jewelry has its supporting pre-sales and after-sales service, so as to avoid problems that cannot be solved.

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