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who\'s our next medal hope?

by:Keke Jewelry     2020-04-16
The table below provides an overview of who Australia\'s best hopes for gold medals at the Rio Olympics are and their performance.
Ren xianziporter and Rohan Dennis are Australia\'s big-hope men\'s bike race target, and Rogers, Australia is the only winner who won the bronze medal at the Athens Olympics in 2004.
Simon Clark and Scott Bowden will also be attending an event on Saturday night, Australian time.
Porter said he recovered well after winning fifth place in last month\'s Tour de France. \"I feel good.
It is obvious that the trip will surprise you. . .
\"I\'m ready to go,\" he said . \"The 273. 5-
The KM race begins at copakabana beach, followed by a series of climbs on the mountains around Rio.
Last month, Ritchie Potter crashed into a camera motorcycle during the Tour de France, forcing cyclists to cross the finish line. [
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The Australian men\'s archery team is expected to win a medal in Rio after winning eighth place at last year\'s world championships. \"Alec [Potts]
Is currently in his career.
Best form, it\'s great to see from the team --
\"Man,\" said Taylor Worth, an Olympic player who returned after 2012 Games in London.
\"Ryan and I are doing something, so it will make us better at the Olympics.
If we shoot as much as we can on an important day, I don\'t understand why we can\'t finally get on the podium.
Archers stand 70 metres away from the target and aim to hit a 12-year-old bull eye. 2-
Centimeters wide. [
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Mike Horton booked a ticket to Rio on 400.
The m freestyle at 3: 41.
65. take him to all Grant Hackett\'s in Australia-
Only Olympic great Ian Thorpe is behind the Time list.
After qualifying, 19-year-
The old Victorian said it was important to make his daily life in Rio correct. \"Here [in Australia]
\"Everything is perfect, my mom is cooking for me and everything, so in Rio we just need to figure out what we can do there,\" he said . \".
Each trip, Horton takes three metres. [
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Australia\'s 4x100 m freestyle relay race is the defending Olympic champion and world champion.
Campbell\'s sisters Kate and Bronte have been hailed as the individual\'s 100 m gold medal.
So their role in the relay race will be crucial.
At the Australian Swimming Championships in Adelaide, Kate Campbell was the fastest in the world this year --52. 38 seconds -
Beat defending world champion Bronte 2-1
A tenth of a second
Emma McCann also created a world.
Class time 52.
Emphasize the depth of the relay team and finish the third place with 80 points.
Bronte Campbell observed at the time: \"You don\'t need to take 53 seconds to form a team in any other country . \".
\"There is no point in forecasting, but we do look good.
\"Swimming champion Kate and Bronte Campbell were born in Malawi and immigrated to Australia with their families in 2001.
They live under the same roof and train together, but they say they don\'t see each other as a competitor. [
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Gracie Elvin, Rachel Neeland and Amanda Spratt are considered as possible medal contenders in the road race, and neylan says it\'s a \"very challenging course, but it suits our racing style and our team \".
Elvin said she is looking forward to a very fierce game.
Rachel Neeland used to be the chief physical therapist for elite Australian athletes, but in 2007 her career was put on hold to pursue her dream of becoming an Olympic athlete. [
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Lytisha skanlan and Catherine Skinner were rated as external opportunities to win medals in Rio trap shooting.
Scanlan described the shooting as \"80 points mental and 20 points physical \".
\"Unfortunately, we don\'t look like an athlete compared to a sprinter, but a lot of people don\'t realize the mental stress you\'re under and the stress,\" she said.
\"We shot the whole 30 minutes, the thoughts in your head, just trying to control that negative little guy sitting on your shoulder.
The founder of the modern Olympic Games, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, is a French pistol.
Shooting Champion[
More information about shooting
Two years ago, mad Sen Kini and Anabelle Smith won the bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.
The competition will be more intense here, but this pair is still a chance to win a medal.
Divers score according to their method
Close, lift, execute, enter.
The sync score is based on the coordination, time and similarity of the two dives. [
More information about diving
Jesse Ashwood is going to swim in 400
Freestyle and 800 m
Freestyle Rio meters.
She ranked third in 400 World Championships in 2015, and the chance to win a medal at the Olympic Games is also great.
Australia won 85 Olympic gold medals at the Rio Olympics, 41 of which came from swimming. [
More information about swimmingMen\'s 4x100-
The meter relay race will perform better than in London\'s 2012-meter race, when a team known as \"weapons of mass destruction\" ranked fourth.
2012 members of the \"weapons of mass destruction\" team later apologized for using Stilnox at the \"team work\" meeting and for harassing other members of the Australian Olympic team. [
More information about swimming
When the International Olympic Committee announced that it would participate in the rugby sevens at the Rio Olympics, the Australian Rugby Union moved quickly.
It makes the women\'s team very professional and attracts many athletes from other amateur sports.
Now, they are the world champions and the favorites for gold medals.
Coach Tim Walsh said that when he started working with these young women, he did not know that they would progress so fast.
\"I know they are good, but the speed at which they become elite athletes is pleasant and a bit surprising,\" he said . \".
\"But the more I know them, the more I know their abilities. They are incredible athletes and incredible people.
\"Rugby sevens made their debut at the Rio Olympics.
The competition is usually composed of seven games.
But the final will take place in 10 minutes. minute halves. [
Rugby sevens for more information
Although it is the most popular in 100
Mi backstroke, Emily Seebohm will swim in the first lane after the slow semi-final
For the last time, compatriot Madi Wilson won fourth place
The fastest, will swim in lane six.
British doctor\'s partner Mitch Larkin has traveled another 100-
M backstroke and will compete for the gold medal immediately after Rio. [
More information about swimming
World champion Mitch Larkin wins third place
The fastest of 100-
The m backstroke final after U. S. players Ryan Murphy and David prumer.
Pulumer and Murphy are swimming faster than Larkin this year, although all three are in about a tenth of a second.
See a solid finish from Larkin-
His coach said his second 50 m was his strength. [
More information about swimming
Australia sits in a box seat for two equestrian gold medals, with only one round left for three people --
One day at the Rio Olympics.
Chris Burton is ahead of the individual rankings, and Australia is at the top of the team event, and the show will finish off on Tuesday.
Burton finished a perfect crossover
The national phase of Santano II to maintain his lead in individual competitions and to give Australia a weak edge in team matches.
Horses must be at least 8 years old in equestrian competitions.
Most people in the Olympic Games are in their teens.
Chris Burton sits in the box and wins the equestrian gold medal for the rest of the three players
One day at the Rio Olympics.
Burton ranked first in his personal rankings, and the show began to finish the game on Tuesday.
Horses must be at least 8 years old in equestrian competitions.
Most people in the Olympic Games are in their teens.
For Emma Macon, the start of the Rio Olympics was like a roller coaster: she won the gold medal and broke the world record with her team --
4x100 teammates-
The m freestyle relay, but apparently frustrated after winning seventh place in the 100 m race
Butterfly rice.
McKeon will compete with American swimming star Katie ledeky, who broke her world record for more than two seconds in the 400-meter race
Freestyle on Monday.
Mike Ken\'s father Ron swam at 1980 and 1984 Olympic Games and won four gold medals in the Commonwealth Games.
Australians face a task because they hope to win the event for the first time since 2000 Sydney Olympics.
In the past three Olympic Games, the United States dominated the event and Australia won a silver medal (2004)
A bronze (2008).
On Monday, Australian athletes won bronze in the 4x100 m freestyle relay, behind the United States and France.
At the World Championships in Russia last year, Britain won the tournament ahead of the United States and Australia. German-
Born Katrin Garfoot will make its debut on the road to the Rio Olympics.
She will take part in the personal time and road races of the Olympic Games.
She ranked fourth in Richmond\'s 2015 World Championships personal time, and won the bronze medal at the Glasgow Commonwealth games the previous year.
Garfoot is an aspiring track and field athlete in Germany, but three years after moving to Australia, he started cycling in 2011.
Rohan Dennis is the main hope of the Australian time-meter race, as compatriot Ritchie Porter broke his right shoulder during the first day of the Olympics road race, ending his Olympic campaign.
Dennis himself had a crash in training.
His hand was injured until the Olympic Games.
But he still had a chance to win a medal in the timekeeping.
In a personal time-meter race, cyclists race against the clock in order to complete the course in the fastest time. Twenty-year-
Old James Willett from Rivera, New South Wales is currently the world\'s number one double trap shooter.
Before going to Rio, he told ABC that he planned to stay focused and not be distracted by the sights and sounds of the Brazilian city.
\"The biggest thing is not to think about anything other than the next goal.
\"Willett has been shooting at home since he was 12 years old --
Made on his home property \"almost the same range as any shooting double trap in the world.
Australia\'s performance in the 2015/16 World Series was encouraging, and in the early days of the rule of the new coach Andy friends, Australia reached the final in Sydney and Las Vegas.
They went on to make the semi-finals.
The final in Vancouver and Hong Kong gave the impression that Australians began to agree in the competition.
But their status was behind in the next World Series, with the team\'s best performance in the Paris cricket final.
The United States defeated New Zealand four times in 2015/16 World Series, while Kenya won the Singapore round.
Groves has won the national championship in the 200 m butterfly since 2013, and won the bronze medal at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.
She trained in St. Peter\'s west in Brisbane, and Olympic champion Stephanie Rice also trained under the guidance of coach Michael Bull.
Groves suffered pain in the shoulder and neck in 2014, due to a tight chin.
\"I think it\'s dangerous to tell kids that they have talent,\" McEvoy told ABC earlier this year . \".
Nicknamed professor, Cameron mcworthy, who believes in the power of hard work and persistence, has broken his personal best in recent months and set a world record.
He is pursuing an undergraduate degree in physics and applied mathematics at Griffith University.
When he was a child,
The toe shortened his calf muscles.
Australia won second place in the final, after the United States, which beat Australia to the gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics.
Neil, Emma Macon, T-Bharat, cooking of the Australian League of Legends
It\'s a mix of Olympic veterans and young guns.
The world record for the competition is currently held by China and set in 2009.
China entered the final at the third fastest pace.
In this project, Bronte Bharat has won the Olympic gold medal.
She was part of the team that won the gold medal in Beijing in 2008.
Karsten Forsterling, Cameron Girdlestone, James McRae and Sasha belongoff form the men\'s four-person double-oars, who are gold contenders for the Rio Olympics.
After winning second place at last year\'s world championships, they were eligible for Australian sailing.
Forsterling, a member of London\'s bronze medal team, is eager to stand on the podium again in Rio.
\"Every four years, it\'s a long time to wait for the next one,\" he told ABC . \".
Germany, the defending champion and world champion of the Olympic Games, will be the defeated team.
Their coach, John Garrison, took the four men to Franklin\'s home club in southern Hobart to add their training programs on the Huon River.
Jesse Fox will look for a better way to travel than London, when she was only 18 and took out a silver medal at the K1 event.
In addition to the Olympic silver medal, she has won six gold medals in the last three world championships.
Jessie is from the kayaking royal family, her father Richard is a five-time world champion, competing for Britain at 1992 Olympic Games, and in 1996, her mother Myriam won the K1 bronze medal in Atlanta to great France.
Taylor McCann has put himself in a good position to compete for the Olympic gold medal and qualify for the final as quickly as possible.
Rio marked her 21-year-old debut, but she has won the Commonwealth gold medal at 2014 Glasgow Olympics.
Russell Jones is the last Australian player to win a gold medal in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
Mickey Larkin will seek to improve his performance in the 100 m backstroke final, and he missed the podium with 0. 03 of a second.
Larkin will want to win the American race, which has traditionally been reserved.
Larkin currently holds a short world record (
Swim in the 25 m swimming pool)
For the 200 m backstroke.
Campbell sisters hit the list for the 100 m final;
Kate is currently the holder of the 100-meter world record, while Bronte beat her sister to gold at 2015 World Championships.
The sisters also made up half of the 4x100 m freestyle team that won gold in the pool earlier this week.
Kate and Bronte were born in Malawi and immigrated to Australia with their families in 2001.
They live under the same roof and train together, but they say they don\'t see each other as a competitor. [
More information about swimming
Potent will enter his fifth Olympic Games in the best form of his career.
Ranked second in the world in the 50 m Rifle
Silver medal at the World Cup earlier this year.
After making his debut at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, he made the best results and won the bronze medal at 2008 Beijing Olympics.
Potent, 54, is the second-oldest member of the Australian team, after 61-year-old dressed-up rider Mary Hanna.
Will Lockwood, Josh Dunkley\'s man, four men without helmsmen-
Smith, Joshua Booth and stroke Alex Hill will be a strong medal opportunity as two of the four won silver medals at 2012 London Olympics.
The men\'s four-man group is the birth of the Australian Olympic idol Oarsome four-man group. drew Jinen is the last member of the four-man group. he will retire at 2012 Olympic Games in London.
After fourth place in the world walking championships in Rome, Dane Byrd-
Smith has a chance to get on the podium in Rio.
After his early success in his 400-meter youth, Dane followed his father (and coach)
David Smith, who competed in the walking race at 1980 and 1984 Olympic Games.
Anna Mills and Stephanie Morton will start the Australian cycling campaign in this competition.
Milez is undoubtedly the current Queen of the sport, and Morton may be her successor --
Beat Meares in the 2014 Commonwealth Games track and field sprint.
Despite their fierce competition, it\'s a good combination of partners in the team sprint, which will lead Meares, provide acceleration, let the team speed up, then peel off and let Morton
Stephanie Morton is the navigator of the visually impaired cyclist feliciti Johnson at the London Paralympic Games.
The Australian men\'s pursuit team beat the British at the world athletics championships and became a hit in Rio.
However, they will use their long time to arrange work for them.
Long-time competitors from the motherland have run several laps at a world-record pace in Rio\'s training.
Although Australia has won five of the last seven men\'s groups in pursuit of world championships, Australia has not won Olympic gold since 2004.
Belinda Hawking remains Australia\'s only hope in this event as the most popular Emily sebom fails to qualify for the final.
Hawking 2: 07
At the age of 83, she advanced at the fifth fastest pace in the final, but less than 2: 06.
06, so in the process of pursuing gold, she has more to give.
After a terrible misfortune, Hawking retired from swimming in 2014 with a dislocation of his knee, ranking second.
She returned to swimming at her third Olympic Games.
Jesse Ashwood showed a solid body at the Rio Olympics, and swimming in the 800-meter race two months ago set an Australian record. Her 8:18.
14 is the second fastest event this year. only Katie ledeky of the United States broke the world record. he released a new world record at 8: 06. 68.
Ashwood finished the 400 m freestyle final on Monday and ended on the 7 th.
Ashwood\'s spine is distorted by severe scoliosis and she started in her teens.
After a difficult start to the early preliminaries, Kim Brennan announced the fastest time of the quarter --
The final of the single \"seagull\" shows her intention in the most powerful way.
Brennan will seek to raise the bronze medal she took home from 2012 London Olympics.
Brennan, a qualified intellectual property lawyer, began boating after the injury ended her career in hurdles.
Anna Meares will try to erase the London memories of her defeat to Victoria Pendelton, Britain\'s rival.
At the Third World Championships in Athletics, Meares won the silver medal, indicating that she still has the speed to win the gold medal.
Australian flag bearer Meares is taking part in her fourth Olympic Games, setting a record for Australian female cyclists.
If Fabrice Lapierre\'s record is worth mentioning, he is likely to win Australia\'s first Olympic gold medal in the long jump.
LaPier is the best 8 this season.
32 in 31-year-
In the IAAF rankings, the veteran is tied for seventh with Olympic and world champion Greg Rutherford, but he has a lead over eight. 40m (set in 2010)
If he gets on the podium, he is likely to be needed.
He won a silver medal at the World Championships in Beijing last year.
LaPier is superstitious about his gold necklace (
18 birthday gift from parents)
It\'s his lucky charm.
He always puts it in his mouth before starting his method.
Mike Houghton has been at the center of the game controversy after commenting on Chinese rival Sun Yang\'s \"drug trade\" earlier in the game.
He won the gold medal in the 400 m freestyle, and the two will meet again in Sunday\'s 1,500 m.
Sun didn\'t punch in the lead.
He told Channel 7: \"I am the king at 1,500.
\"Horton\'s vision was so bad that he\" could hardly see my hand in front of me \"without glasses and goggles \". [
More in mchoughton]
After the 4x100 freestyle relay team won the bronze medal on Monday, the expectations of the Australian team will be high.
Australian players Matt target, Christian Springer, Hayden stoxler and James Magnuson won bronze medals at 2012 Olympic Games in London.
In order to increase this scene, this year\'s team will play with
In the final swimming competition of the competition, there may be his career.
In this event, the United States set 17 world records in the past, dating back to 1971.
Two teqin and Johansson Keeney won diving medals in Australia: the Commonwealth Games of Keeney silver carp 2014 Glasgow women\'s monthly springboard, and Qin bronze.
In that competition, Qin Gang also won the gold medal in the 3-meter springboard, while the Gini won the fourth place.
They all hope to improve their performance at 2015 World Championships, Qin won fourth place and kini won seventh place.
Since 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Chinese divers have won gold medals in every Olympic Games.
The Rio Olympics will be Matthew Glazer\'s second, and he faces a busy project in which he is one of the gold contenders for the blue riband sprint.
Earlier this year, Glazer won the silver medal of defending champion Jason Kenny in the London World Championship, and before leading the British into the decisive third game in the final, he was already qualified in the first round.
The South Australian player will also compete in keirin and sprint, who won the World Championship in 2012.
2012 Tour de France champion Britton Bradley Wiggins made his debut in track and field and won three Olympic gold medals in track and field.
The Campbell sisters will get rid of a shocking result in Friday\'s 100 m freestyle final, where gold lover Kate is sixth and Bronte is fourth. \"That hurt.
\"Although it\'s not a big injury right now, you know I still have 50 left,\" Kate Campbell said after the game . \".
Bronte said more optimistically, \"the Olympic Games are not to win, but to win.
I think it\'s important.
We all did our best.
I have no regrets.
\"At the Rio Olympics, Kate Campbell held the Commonwealth record for the 50-meter freestyle and the world record for the 100-meter freestyle.
Australian women set a record at the Rio Olympics and won the world record gold medal in the 4x100 m freestyle relay.
But at the same time, some personal results are disappointing, which means the team may have some evidence in line for the medley relay.
Americans will avenge their loss to Australia in the freestyle relay.
The event summed up Australia-
United States competition in the Olympic arena, the two teams shared the gold medal since the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona (
The US team has the advantage of four gold medals and three gold medals).
Tom Burton is the number one Laser sailor in the world, but it doesn\'t make much sense when he hits the single
At the beginning of the week, Hull boats near the dock da Gloria-
Battle royal with the world\'s top sailors.
He told ABC that the event was completely open and immediately gave up 43-year-
Brazil\'s two-time Olympic Laser champion, veteran Robert Shide, is one of his biggest threats.
Burton missed his qualifying trip to London and looked at his team after helping him train --
Mate won the championship in Weymouth.
Australia\'s second-ranked Matthew Winn became a bridesmaid this year after losing to Burton in a tough qualifying match.
The competition for sailing in Australia was fierce, with London winning three of the seven gold medals for the entire delegation.
Glen O\'Shea finished his work for him in this two-day marathon and his goal was to identify the best --
Round track cyclists, made up of six different races: After the first three races, O\'Shea sat in seventh place and he grabbed 30 points in the last three races.
O\'Shea finished third in this year\'s world championships and won 2012 world championships.
Alisa bull and Alice Burnett are far ahead in achieving their Olympic dreams.
The original goal was 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, where the two not only became Olympic teams, but also qualified for the women\'s 500-meter kayak final.
Both the Bulls and Burnett are iron ladies, and they have changed in order to compete in the Olympics.
Murray Stewart turned his anger from missing the 4 4 1000 m team due to the heat of the gland into K1\'s blistering state, the fastest qualifying match in the final tonight.
Stewart, who is part of the team of the gold medal-winning K4. he has been hoping to defend the championship before he gets sick and interrupts his efforts to qualify.
He is not only the Olympic gold medalist, but also the world champion of surfing and skiing, and has a Master of Architecture.
Dani Samuels entered Rio in good condition and achieved four farthest results in 2016.
28-year-old Samuels attended her third Olympic Games and won the Commonwealth gold medal in Glasgow, a veteran of the sport.
In 2009, 21-year-old Dani Samuels became the youngest champion in the world.
Jason Waterhouse and Lisa Da Manning will be hoping to bounce back in the final as they enter the last Cristina match after the penultimate.
The two are now fourth and 11 points away from the Italian leader, but the last game was to get double points, which gives them a chance to redeem.
In the nacra, Rio\'s debut, the medal was scored in 13 games.
Nacra is actually a catamaran designed for the Olympic Games.
In addition to teammates Waterhouse and Manning, they are also cousins.
Even though the weather issues delayed the final round of preliminaries, Mat Belcher and Will Ryan made a strong move to the final round.
The couple are currently in second place, with the rest of the preliminaries and medal races coming soon, with a strong racing pedigree in level 470.
Belcher was half of the 470 pairs that won gold in London in 2012, while Ryan was 2013 world champion.
Belcher held the Australian flag at the closing ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Olympics, when he won the 420 world championship while he was at school.
Brooke Stratton expressed her Olympic intentions in February, breaking Australia\'s record with seven points.
Jump 05 m at Perth classic.
The jump is the longest third time this year and also the fourth place in the IAAF Diamond League\'s annual meeting in Sweden, indicating that the 23-year-old is ready for the world stage
The current world record for the women\'s long jump is 7.
The Russian jumper Galina Chistyakova hit 52 metres 28 years ago.
Ken Wallace and Lakeland tatte have reached the K2 1,000 final.
At the second fastest pace, mi won the semi-finals after being defeated by Serbia in the preliminaries.
The two won the silver medal at 2015 World Championships and will play against Germany, which beat them to the gold medal on 2015.
Wallace and tatter are both surfers.
Their clubs Tugun and Avoca will offer free beer during the competition.
Jared Tarente hopes to be at the top of the Rio podium this year, and despite winning the Olympic gold medal, he has never done so.
Tarun won second place in London\'s 50 km-meter walk, but after Russia\'s Sergei kityapp was stripped of his Olympic record for doping, he won the gold medal in June.
He was ahead of most of the Games in Rio, but the Slovak world champion Matej Toth was late.
He is the only male track and field athlete in Australia to win medals at successive Olympic Games.
Caroline Buchanan was sitting in second place with only 0 points.
25 seconds ahead of the semi-finals-
The final showed her strength as a contender for the BMX gold medal.
Buchanan has won many world championships in BMX and mountain bike races, and she hopes to improve in London\'s fifth race.
But after Australia\'s world number one player was knocked out of the semi-finals, her Olympic movement ended in tears. finals.
Caroline is the first BMX or mountain bike rider to win the Australian best cyclist Sir Hubert opemann trophy.
Sam Willoughby walked into the semi-finals.
The final ranked third, only 0.
Juris Du, the leader of the month\'s second. The two-
The time world champion hopes to do better at the Games after winning the silver medal in London in 2012.
Willoughby was pushed into fifth place in the final round and returned home in sixth place.
Willoughby moved to the United States at the age of 16 and worked in BMX.
Jacob in Clear, Riley in Fitzsimmons, Ken Wallace and Jordan in wood composition of man K4 1000 m team is Rio Olympic Games defending champion.
This year\'s excellent performance on the World Cup tour shows that despite retaining only London\'s advantages, they remain competitive in the process of competing for medals, in the final, however, it was impossible to match the speed of Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
Ken Wallace has won the bronze medal at this Olympic Games, ranking third in K2 1000.
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