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Where are the keychains developed

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-29

The stainless steel keychain is the latest development.


key ring/key chain


It is a fine craft product promoted by brand promotion merchants, and it is also very novel.

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As the saying goes





is the jewelry industry.


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Couples give gifts to each other regardless of the season,

No matter what country, what era,

From this perspective, develop a couple

key ring/key chain

The market in the future must be huge.

Dongguan Lamely

Professional design and production of various

couple keychain

, fashionable and exquisite workmanship, such as the good luck of our company.

couple keychain

, the style is very special, yes

go through

die casting

The surfaces are gold-plated and nickel-plated, with fine carvings, lifelike surfaces, and powerful magnets on the inside, just like a real couple snuggling together, making people feel!

Customized keychain, keychain production,

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