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When wearing stainless steel jewelry, you must avoid these three points

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-25

When we buy something, we not only have to choose what we like, but also think about whether it is suitable for us. In fact, the same is true of wearing stainless steel jewelry. Not only wear it, but also need to know if it is appropriate to wear. In this case, KeKe Jewelry recommends that you must avoid the following three wearing minefields.

Knotted C-shaped open bracelet

1. The V-neck is matched with a long stainless steel necklace, so that the V-shape presented by the necklace will overlap with the V-shape of the neckline, which not only overwhelms the quality of the clothes, but also lowers the grade of the accessories. Therefore, when wearing v-neck clothes, it is suitable to match a short necklace, so that the two will not conflict.

2. All stainless steel jewelry should be worn on the skin. For example, choosing to wear a stainless steel necklace with a thick chain on a black bottoming shirt can highlight the texture and at the same time connect the heavy feeling of the necklace, killing two birds with one stone.

3. The texture and color of stainless steel earrings are cross-matched, and the wrong combination of different textures will affect the overall presentation effect. Therefore, it is recommended to consider the number of colors when choosing earrings, whether there will be conflicts.

Avoiding the above three minefields can make your match more handy. KeKe Jewelry focuses on the customization and OEM production of stainless steel jewelry, supports customization with drawings and samples, small batch processing, and can be deeply customized according to customer needs. Friends in need are welcome to contact us!

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