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When is the welding process used for titanium steel jewelry?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-11
When is the welding process used for titanium steel jewelry? KEKE jewelry factory
Most titanium steel jewelry has movable interfaces, through which the jewelry can be connected. Basically, the welding process is used to connect the nodes by welding. Under what circumstances is the welding process used? KEKE jewelry processing factory takes you to understand its usefulness.

1. Welding between movable interfaces, mainly like the connection between titanium steel necklaces and bracelet links, such as the connection between these movable joints, requires manual assembly and welding to be able to move.

2. Products with diverse structures are common in some products with complex shapes and double layers or hollows. Such titanium steel jewelry products have complex structures and cannot be produced by casting alone. They need to be divided into pieces and then welded together.

3. The combination of various materials, such as the same product needs accessories of different materials at different positions, in this case, the two parts of the accessories can be combined by welding.

4. Some jewelry formed by direct welding, this kind of jewelry is commonly used in some titanium steel jewelry processing, and the chain is directly welded into jewelry of various shapes. At present, the most common direct welding jewelry is some claw chain jewelry. This kind of chain is clipped with diamonds, and it can be welded directly. It can become a finished product without the assistance of other materials.

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