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What you need to know about the processing process of stainless steel jewelry foundry

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-14

What you need to know about the processing process of stainless steel jewelry foundry

I believe everyone knows that the processing process of stainless steel jewelry is complex. You have to wait slowly to produce a perfect piece of jewelry. Today, KeKe Jewelry will talk about the processing process behind a fine piece of jewelry.

Processing flow of stainless steel jewelry foundry

The first step: Design drawings The designer first conceives and draws a sketch of the work, and completes the design draft with pencil and gouache. This process can take a few days to a few months.

The second step: hand-carved wax. The craftsmen engraved the wax version by hand with reference to the design drawings. This is the most demanding process in the jewelry making process. The wax version must be smooth, clean and without traces. The structure of each part is reasonable, and the position and size of the gemstones are accurate. Correct. Depending on the complexity of this process, it can be as little as a day or two, or as long as a few days. This is a delicate job. Now, there are fewer and fewer jewelry made by hand, and most of them are drawn using computer CAD software. However, for some jewelry with special shapes or animal shapes, you will still choose a good master to hand-carve the wax version. After all, the carved things have a feeling.

The third step: pour the ancient lost wax casting method, and make the wax mold into an 18K ring. If it is mass production, then the front wax plate will be made into a silver plate and pressed into a film, and the wax mold will be mass produced!

Step 4: The mold making is all done by hand, and a special calender is used to push back and forth on the surface of the jewelry. This process requires certain skills and techniques.

Step 5: According to the jewelry design drawing, the diamonds or gemstones are manually sorted, and the suitable color, cut and size are selected, and they are ready to be inlaid.

Step 6: Setting the gemstones, setting each diamond and gemstone by hand, this is a technical job.

Step 7: Polishing, electro-gold further polishes the metal surface and details, and some jewelry needs to be electro-gold on the surface to make the surface smoother!

Step 8: Quality inspection Check the finished stainless steel jewelry. If it is unqualified, it will be returned to the previous process and remade.

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