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What should we pay attention to when customizing stainless steel jewelry?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-12
What should we pay attention to when customizing stainless steel jewelry?

With the progress of society, the development of science and technology, the change of modern life methods, especially the influence of modern artistic thinking, the customization of stainless steel jewelry has been developed by leaps and bounds. Stainless steel jewelry custom designers try their best to conform to the trend of the times, looking for natural, concise and pure things in the gorgeous world, in order to return to the original and express an artistic realm of long-term beauty. At present, the three major trends in the custom planning and manufacturing of stainless steel jewelry are simplicity, decoration, and return to nature.

(1) Appearance

Modern art jewelry is developing in the direction of concise, simple and general decoration in terms of appearance. Designers skillfully use concise and bright lines, three-dimensional space structure and general geometric shapes to express an unexpected idea. Each piece of delicate jewelry is actually a piece of small sculpture, or even a piece of jewelry. Pieces of perfect round carving, no matter from which angle you appreciate it, you can get a visual enjoyment.

(2) Themes

With the rapid development of social telecommunications, networks, information transmission and high-tech, the civilization and art of various nationalities in the world are often alienated, and everyone is under indescribable pressure on the modern materials caused by top technology, and the rapid changes in modern society, Anxiety about competition and environmental pollution, everyone expects a kind of quiet from the bottom of their hearts, and emotionally longs for a warm green space. As shown in the jewelry planning, everyone advocates classical art and retro style, and seeks traditional personality and national characteristics. Initiate a return to nature and return to nature, which will become permanent themes. In order to reflect this theme, those beautiful flowers and plants, beloved animals, and simple ethnic ornaments will be more used in jewelry planning.

(3) Materials

With the development of society, in the raw materials of jewelry, we will no longer be bound by traditional and expensive materials, and new materials will emerge in an endless stream, including organic materials and inorganic materials, and even the materials that are available with one's head held high, will endow the book with a richer inner and more extreme material. Strong performance. For example, titanium gold, a material that was rarely used in the past, can transform into rich colors after being heated, which is very layered and is often used by some modern jewelry masters.

(4) Processing technology

Modern jewelry manufacturing is no longer simply limited to traditional lost wax casting and decoration carving techniques. Artists can choose more industrial processing methods, such as turning, milling, planing, grinding, riveting, drilling, electroplating, etc. Sandblasting, corrosion, etc., these processing techniques will bring unexpected effects to jewelry manufacturing.

(5) Personalized production

Designers of modern jewelry, their design is not satisfied with just painting in the early years, leaving the manufacturing to the craftsman to complete the method, but try their best to reflect the personality, and regard the entire manufacturing process as the process of completing its creation. Most of their writings are handcrafted in their own studios, supplemented by precision machining. The artist combines his unique creativity with profound craftsmanship, and a successful work is the crystallization of perfect, excellent planning and metalworking skills.

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