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What should jewelry processing factories pay attention to in the processing process?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-28
What should jewelry processing factories pay attention to in the processing process?
KEKE jewelry processing factory needs to carry out complex and numerous processing processes every day. There are also many work precautions in this process. In order to make the jewelry processing process more standardized, KEKE jewelry summarizes some precautions and shares them. .

1. Avoid placing the worktable in direct sunlight, because strong sunlight will seriously affect people's eyesight. It is difficult to distinguish the color change of the heated workpiece during inlay processing, especially during welding, and it is difficult to grasp the welding temperature. , It is easy to cause problems such as virtual welding or welding collapse due to insufficient heating during welding. Working under strong light for a long time will damage the eyes. For this reason, the workbench in the production workshop should be well lit and not exposed to direct sunlight.

2. It is necessary to set good ventilation openings for jewelry processing and inlay, so that air circulation is particularly important. It is best to set the exit of the ventilation duct on the roof.

3. Most machines and equipment in the workshop need power to start, and lighting also needs power. The installation of the power plug should be reasonable, and it should be as close as possible to the equipment that needs power supply. The equipment with high power should have a dedicated socket, and cannot share a socket with other equipment. It is best to use dark wires in jewelry processing plants. Avoid putting the wires across the workbench or near places with fire and acid, because the wires are easily damaged and exposed wires are dangerous.

4. A lighting lamp with adjustable height and orientation should be installed on the workbench of the jewelry processing factory, which can not only illuminate from all aspects, but also does not affect the inlay processing. The lighting lamp of the workbench is preferably made of electroplated metal hose and enamel lampshade, which is not only flexible in adjustment, but also anti-corrosion.

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