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What should be paid attention to before electroplating of stainless steel jewelry?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-28
What should be paid attention to before electroplating of stainless steel jewelry? KEKE jewelry factory
The rise of stainless steel jewelry in the fashion jewelry industry, because of its strong plasticity, can make many colors through the vacuum plating process. To make stainless steel jewelry more shiny before electroplating, the following points should be paid attention to:

1. Due to the uniform surface thickness of stainless steel plates, it is relatively easy to clean, as long as the protective film, surface glue and impurities are removed; in addition, some plates are placed too long and the protective film deteriorates, which makes it difficult to remove the subsequent surface glue, which affects the surface cleaning.

2. The cleaning and cleaning of stainless steel components is more complicated. In addition to cleaning the obvious surfaces, in some non-obvious gaps such as welding, folding, and corners, polishing wax, glue, rust spots, dust, welding Remove impurities such as slag with a cleaning agent, otherwise it will easily cause discoloration.

3. Some substances will seriously affect the quality of vacuum coating, resulting in abnormal color or discoloration. Therefore, manufacturers of stainless steel components should try to avoid the above-mentioned substances hidden in the components and cannot be removed during the production process, so as not to affect the quality of subsequent vacuum electroplating color stainless steel coatings. Such as some hard-to-remove substances such as polishing wax, salt, rosin, sand, wood, glue, plastic, etc. hidden in stainless steel pipes and invisible places.

4. In normal maintenance, try not to use cleaning agents with strong acid and alkali or strong decontamination ability, such as toilet cleaner, paint remover, metal cleaning agent, etc. You can use industrial alcohol to wipe gently with a soft cotton cloth. Dirt should also be treated with weak acid and weak base solvents.

In addition, if exposed to harsh conditions for a long time or in contact with aggressive liquids, the PVD film layer is also prone to problems such as falling off, such as swimming pools (containing fluorine), seawater (containing a lot of salt), high temperature and high humidity (steam), etc. middle.

The preparation and cleaning of stainless steel jewelry before electroplating processing is the biggest problem!

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