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What material is titanium steel? How is it different from stainless steel?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-19
What material is titanium steel? How is it different from stainless steel? KEKE jewelry factory
Many people do not know what titanium steel is made of, and what is the difference between titanium steel and stainless steel. Today, the author will introduce titanium steel in detail to you.

1. What is the material of titanium steel?

The name titanium steel is not a standard academic name, but a commercial name. In addition, titanium steel is actually stainless steel, which does not contain titanium. The material used is not titanium, but 316L stainless steel. It is called titanium steel for its attractiveness, and some are even called titanium alloy jewelry, but it is actually stainless steel without titanium.

16L is a stainless steel number. The unified digital code in my country is S31603. It is obtained by continuing to reduce the carbon content on the basis of 316 stainless steel.

Compared with ordinary stainless steel, it is more expensive, has strong corrosion resistance, and is suitable for skin contact accessories. The main components are Fe, Cr, Ni, and Mo, and there is no titanium at all. The national standard is GB/T20878-2007 (current version).

However, it can hardly be deformed or discolored for a long time. Among common stainless steels, 316L steel called 'titanium steel' is suitable for jewelry. In addition, it has the characteristics of non-toxicity, no harm to the human body, and long-term soaking in water.

Therefore, in the eyes of ordinary people, titanium steel is a kind of stainless steel. It's just that in business, it is called titanium steel for the sake of high-end atmosphere.

Second, the difference between titanium steel and stainless steel

1. Pure titanium is lighter, twice as light as stainless steel.

2. The wear resistance is different. Titanium steel is not as wear-resistant as stainless steel. Titanium is not as wear-resistant as stainless steel when the surface is untreated.

3. The chemical properties of titanium are more stable, and it is not easy to rust. Stainless steel is more prone to rust than titanium steel.

4. Stainless steel is mostly used for household appliances, etc. Titanium steel is mostly used to make ornaments and play a decorative role.

5. The specific gravity of stainless steel is 7.98, the melting point is between 1370 ℃ and 1398 ℃, the corrosion resistance is very strong, and it will never be blackened or discolored after polishing. The main components are Mn, Cr, Ni, Mo, and there is no titanium at all. Titanium (Ti) is a silver-gray metal with a specific gravity of 4.5 and a melting point of 1668°C. Titanium is a very special metal. It is very light in texture, yet very tough and corrosion-resistant. It does not turn black like silver, and it retains its own color for life at room temperature.

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