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What kind of ring is suitable for large hands

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-20
What kind of ring is suitable for large hands? KEKE Jewelry Factory
If your hand is too large, then a custom-made titanium steel ring with a slightly atmospheric and full of personality wide ring jewelry can be very good for modifying the hand shape. If the budget is sufficient, you can choose a large carat diamond as the main diamond, and the requirements for other 3Cs of diamonds can be slightly reduced. Highlighting the atmosphere and personality is the nirvana of this type of hand.

One of the principles of personalized custom titanium steel rings for hand-shaped stubby hand-selecting jewelry is to visually elongate the fingers to make their fingers look less stubby. People with this type of hand should not choose overly complicated styles when choosing rings. Simple and classic single-diamond wedding rings are a good choice. They are well matched with pear-shaped or oval-shaped diamonds, which can set off the slender fingers and conceal the hand. The short and stubby defects, avoid square drills and heart-shaped drills, the simpler the better.

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