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What is titanium steel jewelry?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-18
Titanium steel jewelry processing factory brings you to know what is titanium steel jewelry?

The metal properties of titanium can be said to be in line with our human tissues. It is widely used in medical devices and can be used for artificial bones, bringing great convenience to those who cannot move normally. biological'. It is also more popular to use it to make titanium steel jewelry, so will you choose it? How to detect it?

1. Do you know the weight? Titanium is actually not a rare material. It has a large storage capacity and is relatively light in texture. It is only half the specific gravity of iron, but it is tough and can withstand pulling and beating like copper. Based on this knowledge, you should understand when purchasing titanium steel jewelry. For jewelry of similar volume, titanium steel will be lighter in our hands, and it also has better toughness.

2. Color In addition, titanium steel has a silver-gray luster, and no matter what polishing method is used, it will not emit too bright color. And can draw a mark, you can take an edge of titanium steel jewelry and draw it on white ceramic utensils or ceramic products, and there will be a black mark. The deeper it is, the more titanium it contains, and the mark is made of Can't be wiped off by hand.

3. Corrosion resistance We should understand that titanium steel has better corrosion resistance, because there is a protective oxide film on its surface, which will not dissolve even in acid solution. If it is doped with other substances, it will be corroded. Of course, it will not blacken like silver, and it will maintain its own luster.

4. Workmanship When choosing jewelry, its production process should be exquisite, and the polished surface should be delicate and smooth. In this way, no matter what kind of titanium steel jewelry we wear, our skin will be more comfortable.

5. Fire test method

You can also use fire to test whether it is titanium steel. When fired in the fire, the titanium steel jewelry will emit a gray luster (this should be done with caution, it is best not to test with fire, safety first). Other metals do not have this tint, producing either white or black light.

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