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What is the quality of 18k titanium steel jewelry?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-17
We all know that trendy jewelry titanium steel jewelry is very popular recently, including many styles, among which 18k titanium steel jewelry is more popular among the public, so how is the quality of 18k titanium steel jewelry? KeKe Jewelry Jewelry Factory KeKe Jewelry Manufacturer analyzes and answers for everyone.

Four Leaf Flower Shell Titanium Steel Necklace

The quality of 18k titanium steel jewelry is relatively better than other materials, why do you say that? The material is selected 316 stainless steel, which is sturdy and wear-resistant. In daily wear and use, even if it is bumped, the surface is still bright and scratch-free. We all know that stainless steel applications can be seen everywhere in life, so there will be no skin damage caused by wearing them, and you can wear them with confidence.

The surface of 18k titanium steel jewelry of KeKe Jewelry jewelry processing factory uses vacuum real gold electroplating technology, which evaporates and attaches a layer of real gold to the surface. Thickness, this quality can be said to be very good. Another advantage is that when the color becomes darker, it only needs to wipe the surface to regain its radiance, and it is easy to maintain, which is very suitable for young people to wear.

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