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What is the price of a normal necklace?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-05
What is the price of a normal necklace? KEKE jewelry factory
Necklaces are jewelry that girls wear very high in their daily life. The author of KEKE jewelry processing factory believes that necklaces can show the wearer's temperament and make the face more delicate. So have you considered the price of the necklace? What is the price of a normal necklace?

This issue should be discussed separately, and the prices of necklaces of different materials are different. For example, a necklace made of gold should be valued on the basis of the gram price of gold. The KEKE jewelry processing factory estimated that at present, the gram price of gold is about 370 yuan. According to a necklace of 2-5 grams, then a piece of gold The price of the necklace is about one or two thousand yuan. If it is made of 18K gold, the price will be lower.

Therefore, many people choose to wear titanium steel necklaces, because the price is lower than that of gold necklaces, and the beauty is no less than it. KEKE jewelry processing factories often do titanium steel jewelry processing. The price range of titanium steel necklaces is generally between a dozen to more than one hundred yuan, which is very cost-effective and suitable for fashionable young people.

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