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What is the packaging of titanium steel jewelry after processing?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-13
What is the packaging of titanium steel jewelry after processing? KEKE jewelry factory
KEKE jewelry processing factory focuses on titanium steel jewelry processing and custom foundry. Many people are curious, what will be used for packaging titanium steel jewelry after processing? Will there be any wear and tear to the jewelry? Don't worry about it at all. We have all considered it. Let's introduce our packaging method for you.

The jewelry produced by our titanium steel jewelry processing factory is produced in large quantities, so the delivery is also in large quantities. So packaging is more important. We have a lot of packaging, such as pp bags, pc bags, sealed bags, and box packaging made of cardboard, plastic, and wood.

How do we choose what packaging we use for titanium steel jewelry after processing? First look at the requirements of the guests, some guests will have their own packaging requirements. Especially for offline sales customers, they basically choose to use packaging boxes for packaging, which is not only exquisite and beautiful, but also makes the jewelry look better, and it is safer to ship in the past, and there will be no jewelry bumps and scratches.

If the customer does not request, our jewelry processing factory will choose the appropriate packaging according to the titanium steel jewelry. Basically, there are customized card boards and jewelry in PP bags. Some jewelry surfaces will also have a layer of film protection to ensure that the jewelry is well received. good protection.

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