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What is the MOQ for stainless steel ring customization?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-04
What is the MOQ for stainless steel ring customization? KEKE Jewelry Factory
In the past, many jewelry merchants mainly focused on wholesale, because jewelry customization usually required a lot of quantities, and the factory would help with processing and production. But in recent years, the MOQ for stainless steel jewelry customization is not very high, so what is the MOQ for stainless steel ring customization?

As the craftsmanship of stainless steel jewelry customization is becoming more and more mature, Xu Gang's ring customization can achieve low minimum orders, so many jewelry merchants are willing to use this customization method to improve their market competitiveness. Take our KEKE jewelry factory as an example, what we mainly do is stainless steel jewelry OEM customization, mainly to provide customers with customized OEM and spot supply services, if you want to customize a batch of stainless steel rings, even if the number is 100, we are also can be done.

So why is the MOQ of some jewelry factories very high and some very low, so far apart? The author thinks there may be several reasons, some of which are because the processing cost of stainless steel jewelry is too high, and it is time-consuming and labor-intensive, so he is unwilling to undertake these orders; or because the recent processing schedule has expired, the order cannot be inserted at all, naturally Can not undertake; another is because they may not be able to do the process, they can only increase the MOQ, and then contract to a third party to earn the difference.

The author of KEKE jewelry factory believes that when looking for a stainless steel ring custom factory, you need to find a strong and experienced one, so that the quality is stable and the delivery time is on time, which is mainly to save worry. KEKE Jewelry has been focusing on the customization and OEM of stainless steel jewelry for more than ten years. It has a professional jewelry processing team and rich experience in jewelry processing. It is committed to providing customers with stainless steel jewelry processing OEM services and solving design and development problems. Welcome to this aspect. Friends contact us~

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