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What is the important processing technology of jewelry custom OEM?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-25
What is the important processing technology of jewelry custom OEM? KEKE jewelry factory
Jewelry custom OEM is undoubtedly a good choice for current dealers and manufacturers, because the number of production can be determined according to the hot-selling style and popularity of the jewelry market, without backlog of inventory, and it is relatively simple to handle, but among them There are so many process steps, today KEKE jewelry processing factory will tell you about some of the key processing techniques.

1. Lost wax casting technology

Lost wax casting is a major production process in today's fashion jewelry industry, and jewelry made from lost wax casting has also become a popular fashion jewelry today. Lost wax casting technology is suitable for custom-made jewelry with obvious concave and convex, and it can be produced in large quantities. The process of lost wax casting process is: making metal model - pressing plastic mold - injecting wax mold - planting wax tree - pouring plaster mold - casting casting.

2. Stamping process

Stamping process, also known as die stamping and embossing in our jewelry processing plant, belongs to a manufacturing technology of embossed patterns. The steps are to first make a model based on the master mold, and then use the general pressure to make a relief pattern on the metal. The stamping process of jewelry custom foundry: stamping pattern - forming (bending) - connecting everywhere (usually using solder). The stamping process is suitable for ornaments with bumps on the bottom, such as small metal locks, or items with insignificant undulations that are easy to be stamped or combined in two or more steps. In addition, extremely thin parts and ornaments that require fine detail patterns are also suitable. It needs to be processed by stamping process.

3. Electroplating process

Jewelry custom OEM also has an electroplating process, which is surface treatment of metal jewelry, mainly used for titanium steel jewelry. The main process of jewelry electroplating processing method is: acid-base washing - degreasing and polishing - electroplating. Electroplating technology can protect the surface color and brightness of precious metal jewelry, so that the jewelry has a more beautiful appearance.

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