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What is the essential difference between 'titanium steel jewelry' and 'tungsten gold jewelry'?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-06
What is the essential difference between 'titanium steel jewelry' and 'tungsten gold jewelry'?
The essential difference between 'titanium steel jewelry' and 'tungsten gold jewelry' is actually not big. In China, we call stainless steel jewelry 'titanium steel jewelry'. The word 'titanium steel' is mainly from the factories that used to make high-end watch straps. By extension, it is mainly exported to Europe and the United States.

Because stainless steel has the characteristics of no discoloration and corrosion resistance, it is very popular among consumers. However, stainless steel jewelry is not easy to be accepted by consumers as jewelry, and merchants call it 'titanium steel jewelry', and its essence is stainless steel.

Tungsten gold jewelry is called tungsten steel jewelry in the industry, with a tungsten content of 85.7%, commonly known as 857 tungsten steel. In addition, there is a kind of white tungsten steel, also called light tungsten steel. The tungsten content is generally about 20%-30%, the color is white, and the tungsten content is lower than 857 and lighter. The hardness of tungsten steel is high but it is relatively brittle. It may break when dropped. Therefore, it is not easy to process tungsten steel jewelry. It is usually produced by molds. Because the cost of opening molds is high, compared with stainless steel and titanium jewelry, tungsten There are fewer styles of steel.

Both 'titanium steel jewelry' and 'tungsten gold jewelry' are silver-white in color, similar in color to platinum, but in slightly different materials, but as jewelry, they are both shiny and modern, depending on the appearance! Our jewelry processing factories generally vacuum-plating jewelry into other colors, the purpose is to allow consumers to have more choices.

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