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What is the difference between titanium steel jewelry and silver jewelry?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-16
What is the difference between titanium steel jewelry and silver jewelry?
First of all, silver jewelry belongs to traditional jewelry, while titanium steel jewelry belongs to new trend jewelry. Silver jewelry will fade after a long time. Personally, I think it is suitable for boys to wear. Generally, the material used for titanium steel is not titanium, but stainless steel. It is called titanium steel to attract people. It is titanium-free 316L stainless steel.

Titanium steel jewelry was popular in the past few years, because it is not afraid of water, you can take a bath and swim, unlike silver jewelry, it will oxidize and turn black and yellow, and it is not afraid of collision, because titanium steel is harder than pure silver, as jewelry, it will not Accidentally fell to the ground, and it was shattered. In fact, most people just object to the jewelry industry calling 316L 'titanium steel', because 316L does not contain titanium, but titanium steel jewelry is basically fired up. , not as collectible as silver jewelry.

As for which one to choose, it depends on your personal needs! Don't buy inferior products. In comparison, silver has a higher value. There will be more types and styles, and the acceptance level in the market will be higher. Titanium steel jewelry is not very valuable, and it has only emerged in the past two years. Titanium steel has high hardness and better oxidation resistance, and silver jewelry is wear-resistant. In fact, after wearing it for a long time, the degree of wear and tear of jewelry is also related to your maintenance.

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