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What is the difference between the stamping process and the casting process of the titanium steel jewelry processing factory?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-09-30
What is the difference between the stamping process and the casting process of the titanium steel jewelry processing factory?

Jewelry of different craftsmanship gives people different feelings. Today, KeKe Jewelry will talk to you about the difference between two kinds of jewelry processing craft: casting craft and stamping craft. In fact, there are many jewelry processing techniques. Today, I will briefly understand these two.


Jewelry stamping process is also called die stamping, embossing. Jewelry stamping process is a kind of embossed pattern manufacturing process. Our usual jewelry locks are basically the stamping process. In fact, the jewelry stamping process is still relatively complicated. The requirements are very high. The embossed patterns used in our common stainless steel jewelry not only require meticulous workmanship, but also require good meaning. Therefore, people are still picky about the jewelry stamping process. The quality of the jewelry stamping process also affects the value of stainless steel jewelry. .

casting process

Jewelry casting process is now mostly electroforming process, which is a modern technology. The principle of jewelry casting process is the same as electroplating. In the casting solution, the negative mold is the casting. After the surface is activated, there is a conductive layer. The current is turned on, and the gold is gradually deposited on the casting of the negative mold in the electric field. When it reaches a certain thickness, it can be taken out, then ground and welded, and the surface is treated with Handle and build as beautifully cast stainless steel jewelry.

How to find a reliable titanium steel jewelry processing factory?

In the Internet era, although it has brought great convenience to people, it is also easy to fall into the scams behind the Internet. Some customers reported that he used to find several titanium steel jewelry processing companies through the Internet, but after cooperation, he found out that they were either small workshops, traders or middlemen. Collapse Road: Why is it so difficult to find a reliable titanium steel jewelry processing factory on the Internet!

KeKe Jewelry is here to tell you that some traders, small workshops, and middlemen will package themselves through the Internet. All kinds of inspection and certification are available, so that customers almost 100% believe that they are big factories, quality, quality, delivery cycle, etc. They are all sworn promises to customers. Even when they proposed a field inspection, they would take the customer to the pre-arranged factory, so as to fool the customer into receiving the order.

In fact, it is very easy to detect this kind of scam during the on-site inspection of the factory. When checking the production line of the workshop, you can communicate with the production line staff to find out whether the person you are connecting with is the same factory. Then look at their business license and other information. In short, with multiple minds, it is easy to find out whether there are other clues through communication.

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