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What is the difference between stainless steel jewelry and silver jewelry?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-01
What is the difference between stainless steel jewelry and silver jewelry?

I believe that many people are not very clear about this issue, because in our real life, we are less aware of it. When we buy jewelry, we directly buy what we want. Generally, the classification of materials is less understood. , then the following stainless steel jewelry foundry - KeKe Jewelry jewelry will take you to understand what is the difference between stainless steel jewelry and silver jewelry?

First of all, silver jewelry belongs to traditional jewelry, while stainless steel jewelry belongs to new trend jewelry. Silver is a relatively unstable metal. It will fade over time, and it will turn yellow and black due to external factors. At present, there is no way to prevent its change in the world. Stainless steel jewelry is a very special metal jewelry, the texture is very tough, but it is very corrosion-resistant.

Stainless steel jewelry is a popular fashion jewelry in the past few years, because it is not afraid of water, you can take a bath and swim, unlike silver jewelry, it will oxidize and turn black and yellow, and it is not afraid of collision, because stainless steel has higher hardness than sterling silver, which is completely correct. The human body will not produce any side effects and harmless green high-grade environmental protection jewelry.

As for which one to choose, it depends on your personal needs! Don't buy inferior products. In contrast, stainless steel jewelry is more cost-effective, has good oxidation resistance, strong hardness, strong plasticity, and more types and styles. Silver jewelry has less wear resistance and oxidation resistance, but there is silver in 'gold and silver jewelry'. Silver jewelry is collectible.

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