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What is the difference between necklace and pendant?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-09-01
What is the difference between necklace and pendant? KEKE jewelry factory
There are many things in life that are very similar in shape, which makes people think they are the same thing, but not the same name. Today, KEKE jewelry processing factory will tell you the difference between necklaces and pendants.

Although necklaces and pendants are two different concepts, they are closely related. For example, pendants and necklaces can be matched with each other, and the combination is very beautiful and fashionable, but when many customers come to our factory to process jewelry, many people do not understand the similarities and differences between necklaces and pendants.

Generally speaking, a pendant is mainly a protruding body worn around the neck. Common pendants include titanium steel pendants, tourmaline pendants, diamond pendants, pearl pendants, crystal pendants and amber pendants. Currently, the most popular is titanium steel pendants. In fact, many customers who make goods in our jewelry processing factory do not know that pendants need to be used with ropes or metal chains.

Necklaces are jewelry in the shape of chains. Common necklaces also include titanium steel necklaces, pearl necklaces and platinum necklaces, silver necklaces and so on. Unlike pendants, necklaces can be worn directly, while pendants require chains to match, which is the difference between the two.

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