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What is the cooperation mode of titanium steel necklace manufacturers?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-18
What is the cooperation mode of titanium steel necklace manufacturers?
Titanium steel jewelry is indispensable for popular jewelry, and it is also favored by more and more jewelry merchants because of its wide audience and good sales. Especially for titanium steel necklaces, if you also want to cooperate with titanium steel necklace manufacturers, what is their cooperation method? KEKE jewelry authors may be able to give you some hints.

There are many ways to cooperate with titanium steel necklace manufacturers, and you can choose according to your different needs. For example, if you don't have a design yourself, and you are mainly looking for popular styles, you can choose OEM cooperation, which is commonly known as OEM. This method is mainly because the factory provides existing titanium steel necklace styles, a variety of choices, and choose the style you like for jewelry OEM. The advantage is that there is no development cost, and the styles are basically recognized by the public. The disadvantage is that the market competitiveness will be lacking.

What if you want to improve your competitiveness, but you don't have a design? OEM cooperation can be carried out with titanium steel necklace manufacturers, such as our KEKE jewelry processing factory, through communication with customers, after allowing customers to choose styles, they can be modified on the basis of styles according to customer needs. This is equivalent to a new style. After we proofing and confirming to the customer, we can carry out OEM production.

Generally, customers with jewelry brands have their own necklace design drafts. The way they cooperate with titanium steel necklace manufacturers is basically customized production according to their design drafts. The customization cost of this titanium steel necklace is high, and the development cycle is longer than ordinary products, but due to the brand and the attractive design, the profit is high and the competitiveness is strong.

The above are various ways to cooperate with titanium steel necklace manufacturers. You can see which one is suitable for you. KEKE Jewelry has been focusing on titanium steel jewelry customization and OEM for more than ten years. It has a professional jewelry processing team and rich jewelry processing experience. It is committed to providing customers with titanium steel jewelry processing and OEM services and solving design and development problems. Welcome to this aspect your friends contact us~

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