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What is a jewelry foreign trade end order?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-09-12
What is a jewelry foreign trade end order? KEKE Jewelry Factory
I believe many people have heard of foreign trade end orders, and jewelry also has foreign trade end orders, but what exactly is it? What types of end orders are there? The author of KEKE Jewelry Factory will give you a detailed explanation, so that everyone can understand what is the final order of jewelry foreign trade.

Foreign trade final orders can be divided into four types: original foreign trade orders, foreign trade imitation orders, foreign trade skip orders, and foreign trade follow-up orders. Jewelry foreign trade original orders are some jewelry that were returned because the jewelry processed for export did not meet the requirements of the brand during the quality inspection, or the goods were returned due to the delay in the processing party's delivery, but it did not affect the normal appearance and use of the jewelry at all. . Usually big brands do not allow original orders to circulate in the domestic market, so many original orders on the market are from small brands.

Foreign trade imitation orders are jewelry that factories choose some similar materials to imitate. Although it is profitable, it causes uneven quality, which is very common in the market. We should resist such behavior, after all, quality is the foundation of word of mouth for our jewelry factory and the cornerstone of long-term cooperation with customers.

Jewelry foreign trade skip order is the remaining part of the raw materials after the order is completed. Jewelry processing is carried out according to the original foreign trade order. However, due to the lack of quality inspection links, although the quality is similar, there are also some that are not very strict in quality. If you directly compare it with the original goods, there is still a relatively obvious gap.

Pursuing orders means that the processing raw materials have been used up, but the jewelry brand needs to make additional orders. At this time, the factory will urgently purchase some raw materials for processing, but if there are no raw materials, only similar materials can be used. There is basically no problem in quality, because all shipments need to be inspected, and there are only minor differences, which have little impact.

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