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What are the wearing skills of stainless steel ring jewelry?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-03
What are the wearing skills of stainless steel ring jewelry?
Many fashion people like to wear stainless steel ring jewelry, but wearing stainless steel ring jewelry requires skills, not just casual wear, so what kind of hand shape is suitable for what kind of jewelry, the author of stainless steel ring jewelry factory KEKE jewelry will explain to you. Bar.

Everyone loves beauty, but not every ring is right for you. As long as you understand your own situation and choose according to the following principles, everyone can find a suitable one for her. The wearing skills of stainless steel ring jewelry are as follows.

1. Slender and beautiful hands

Any style of stainless steel ring jewelry and diamonds in cutting shapes can be elegantly matched with it. If it is a model ring, it will be full and beautiful with large diamonds; if it is a thin ring, it will hold up a beautiful single-grain diamond, and the elegant atmosphere will show the fingers.

2. Thin hands

Square, baguette and round diamonds can add a sense of solidity, and a few dazzling small diamonds next to the center diamond can make the fingers more colorful.

3. Stubby hands

Simple and slender solitaire marquise diamonds visually show the slenderness of the fingers, and stainless steel ring jewelry adds a touch of beauty.

4. Petite hands

The diamond should not be too large. The popular solitaire diamond ring is a better choice. It is simple and fresh, elegant and beautiful, and the style of Xiaojiabiyu is clearly pointed.

5. Thick and large hands

Rugged wide rings seem to be designed for this type of hand, with large marquise rows and oval diamonds giving them an air of delicacy.

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