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What are the tips for wearing titanium steel earrings?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-09-10
What are the tips for wearing titanium steel earrings? KEKE jewelry factory
Today's merchants, when making products, will go to the market to investigate to see what everyone likes this year, and then design, so that the products produced will be liked by consumers, and the same is true for earrings. So what are the skills to master earrings? Let the author of Foshan Jewelry Processing Factory tell us about it!

Wearing titanium steel earrings should be in line with their age. Middle-aged and young women can wear earrings of various styles, and the effect is good. For girls or women who have just entered the youth, try not to choose large earrings, choose triangle, circle or irregular geometric earrings, which can increase the innocent and moving image of girls.

Wearing titanium steel earrings should consider the cooperation with clothing. If you want to wear earrings, the color of the clothing should be as light as possible. As for some non-metallic earrings with fresh colors, it is another matter. It is not advisable to wear earrings inlaid with gemstones when wearing sportswear, you can choose simple earrings.

Earrings suitable for different face shapes People with thin and long faces, with button earrings, can make the face look wider; people with square faces can choose oval or round earrings to reduce the sense of edges and corners; people with round and plump faces, Wear pointed earrings to make your face look longer.

If you want the titanium steel earrings to be exquisite and beautiful, you must first learn how to maintain them. When the earrings are worn, do not expose them to the sun. Titanium steel earrings only need to be wiped with cotton cloth frequently, and maintenance is simple. If they are not worn, they should be stored in a dry box to prevent oxidation.

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