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What are the tips for wearing stainless steel rings?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-31

Many fashion people like to wear stainless steel rings, but wearing stainless steel rings requires skill and is not casual. So what kind of hand is suitable for what kind of ring, let Bian Xiao explain it to you.

What are the wearing skills of stainless steel rings?

Everyone loves beauty, but not every ring is right for you. As long as you know your own situation and follow the following principles to buy, everyone can find what suits her. The wearing skills of the stainless steel ring are as follows.

1. Slim and beautiful hands

Diamonds of any style and cut can be elegantly paired with them. In the case of a ring, the large diamond is full and elegant. If it's a thin ring, pick up a beautiful solitaire, and the beauty and elegance will unfold on your finger.

2. Short and thick hands

The simple and long single olive-pointed diamond can intuitively show the slenderness of the finger, which is very beautiful.

3. Skinny hands

Square, rectangular and round diamonds can help them express a three-dimensional look. If you set some bright little diamonds next to the main diamond, your fingers can be colorful.

4. Petite Hands

Diamonds should not be too big. The popular solitaire diamond ring refers to its better choice, simple and fresh, elegant and beautiful, and the style of Xiaojiabiyu suddenly refers to it.

5. Big hands

Rough, wide rings seem to be designed specifically for this type of hand. Rows of large olive tips and oval diamonds give it a subtle atmosphere.

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