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What are the small details of buying a necklace?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-09-13
What are the small details of buying a necklace? KEKE jewelry factory
Buying necklaces has almost become a daily activity for fashion girls, but most people only focus on picking good-looking necklaces when buying necklaces, and forget how to choose a necklace that suits them. But everyone should pay attention, because some people have long necks, some people have short necks, thick and thin, round faces, square faces, etc., so we buy necklaces according to our face shape, which is the best . So what small details need to pay attention to when buying necklaces?

length of necklace

Necklaces can be divided into two types: neck chains, called short necklaces; chest chains hanging outside the collar of the jacket, up to the chest, called long necklaces. The products sold in my country's jewelry market are generally 42 cm and 54 cm necklaces. Long necklaces are often favored by tall and handsome women; and in our life, if we want to highlight our self-cultivation neck, You can choose a long necklace, if you want to highlight your charming collarbone, you should choose a short necklace, it will make us more charming and charming.

necklace color

Matching necklace color with skin tone and age: young people have moist skin tone, choose S925 silver necklace, platinum or rose gold necklace when buying necklaces will look harmonious and quiet; older people choose gold necklace, emerald, turquoise necklace Lotus will look young and dignified.

type of necklace

The most important feature to consider when buying a necklace is the links that make up it. If you're looking for a necklace that won't twist or kink easily, then you should know that some link types are more prone to curling than others. For example, omega links, chevron links, and serpentine links are more bendable designs. If you want to choose a chain that you can wear while exercising without worrying about it bending or twisting, there are special link types. You can choose from Figaro links, rope links, wheat links and more, which is a great option for designs that don't kink easily.

clasp of necklace

The clasp is another feature that should be considered when shopping for a necklace. There are many necklaces with spring clasp and concealed clasp these. These clasps can be cheaper but are usually not durable. Therefore, the most popular and better options are called W buckles, S buckles, which are easier to use. Although it will also last longer than a ring clasp.

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