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What are the processes of titanium steel jewelry processing?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-12
What are the processes of titanium steel jewelry processing? KEKE jewelry factory
Titanium steel jewelry has a modern and fashionable shape, beautiful appearance, and exudes a platinum-like luster, which is the main trend jewelry today. So what are the processes of titanium steel jewelry processing? KEKE jewelry processing factory will take you to understand.

The process of titanium steel jewelry processing is complex. Different products will use different processes, and some effects can be achieved through two or more processes. We will formulate jewelry processing methods and quality standards according to the requirements and costs of customers. , in order to finally achieve the effect of titanium steel jewelry required by the guests, the order of the processing process and the craftsmanship also vary with the product
There is no uniform standard.

So what are the processes of titanium steel jewelry processing? The processing procedures of titanium steel jewelry in our KEKE jewelry factory include drilling, cutting, stamping, casting, inlaying, oil dripping, grinding, polishing, vacuum plating, testing, packaging, etc., which are made with ingenuity, just to give customers a satisfactory answer sheet. Although there are many processes, not every jewelry needs to use the above processes. It is still necessary to formulate plans and execute production according to the requirements of customers.

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