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What are the pits for jewelry processing?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-19
What are the pits for jewelry processing? KEKE jewelry factory
There are so many jewelry foundries, it is quite easy to find jewelry processing, but there are also many pits, so what pits will you encounter when looking for jewelry processing? Can it be avoided? Of course, it is possible. The author lists the common ones for you to provide reference.

Looking for jewelry processing, everyone will first look at the scale and strength of the manufacturer, but now many people contact online, and then look at the pictures and sample pictures of the manufacturer online, and then cooperate. Among them, there are pits. For example, the picture is far from the actual picture of the manufacturer. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct an offline field inspection to prevent the manufacturer from looking for fake pictures to deceive. Or you can ask the manufacturer to take real pictures, videos and some related qualification certificates, so as to avoid the three non-manufactured manufacturers.

Looking for jewelry processing, you need to look at the finished products of the manufacturers. Basically, manufacturers have many samples. You can randomly select several products to check, and carefully look at the design, quality, details, and craftsmanship of the finished products. In this way, you can basically judge the processing quality and design ability of this jewelry processing factory, and you can avoid some merchants with shoddy and poor workmanship quality, so that you can avoid detours.

If you really don't know where the jewelry processing is better, you can choose our KEKE jewelry processing factory, focusing on titanium steel/stainless steel jewelry customization and OEM, processing experience in the 13th century, own technical team, one-stop finished products, support to map Sample customization and small batch OEM, so that the quality of your jewelry is guaranteed.

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