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What are the factors that affect the price of stainless steel jewelry by stainless steel jewelry manufacturers?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-11
What are the factors that affect the price of stainless steel jewelry by stainless steel jewelry manufacturers?

The price of any kind of product will change according to the change of specifications and attributes, so does the price of stainless steel jewelry, so what are the factors that can affect its price? Stainless steel jewelry manufacturer - KeKe Jewelry Let's chat with you below.

The style of stainless steel jewelry affects the price. If we use our previous samples to directly OEM, the price will naturally be lower. If you want to make your own product, it is a new product and needs to be re-proofed. If you are not satisfied, continue to proof a second time until you are satisfied. Costs will go up. The process is complicated, and human time and energy are consumed.

The process of custom processing stainless steel jewelry will also affect the price. There are many ways to make jewelry, and similar effects can be achieved through different processes, depending on how to choose. Among them are casting, wire cutting, stamping, polishing, hollowing out, dripping oil, engraving, etc. The process used is different, and the price will change accordingly. The better-looking jewelry, the more complicated the process and the higher the cost.

The plating thickness and color of stainless steel jewelry affect the price. We generally use vacuum electroplating to coat the jewelry film, which is to allow the real gold target to adhere to the jewelry surface at high temperature. The required film thickness is different, and the price varies by several dollars. Some will like to electroplate other colors, such as blue, purple, etc., the price will be more expensive because the cost is higher.

Stainless steel jewelry manufacturer - KeKe Jewelry jewelry sharing is here, now you know how the price comes, if you have a friend who needs to make stainless steel jewelry, you can contact us, we provide customized OEM with drawings and samples , small batch processing and spot wholesale services, large quantities are better at better prices, and quality is guaranteed.

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