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What are the factors that affect the price of stainless steel jewelry?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-11
The price of each product will change with the change of specifications and attributes, and the price of stainless steel jewelry will also be the same. So, what factors can affect its price? Next we come to chat with you.

The style of stainless steel plate jewelry affects the price. If we use our previous samples to directly OEM, the price will naturally be lower. If it is a product that you want to make a brand, it is a new product and needs to be re-proofed. If you are not satisfied, you will continue to proof for a second time until you are satisfied, the processing cost will be improve. The process is complicated and consumes manpower and material resources.

The processing of stainless steel jewelry also affects the price. There are many ways to make jewelry, and the same effect can be achieved through different processes, that is, how to choose. In these processes, casting, wire cutting, stamping, polishing, hollowing, oil dripping, engraving, etc. are all different processes, and the prices will vary accordingly. The more beautiful the decoration, the more complex the craftsmanship and the higher the cost.

Factors Affecting Thickness and Color of Stainless Steel Jewelry Plating. Our company generally uses vacuum electroplating to coat the jewelry film, which is to let the real gold target adhere to the jewelry surface at high temperature. The film thickness is required to be different, and the price also varies by several yuan. Some other colors that like electroplating, such as blue, purple, etc., will be more expensive due to the high cost.

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