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What are the common custom jewelry styles of jewelry manufacturers?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-22
What are the common custom jewelry styles of jewelry manufacturers? KEKE jewelry factory
Jewelry customization has become a fashion, and the personality and beauty of style design is an aesthetic taste. Jewelry processing factories have gradually classified the customized styles of jewelry. Common ones are: personality, simplicity, nature, fashion and other styles. KEKE will talk about the common custom jewelry styles.

What are the common custom jewelry styles of jewelry manufacturers?

One is personality

This jewelry style generally has a strong sense of design, and a strong sense of fashion decoration. The most prominent and expressive is personality, so its design requirements are different, and it must have its own unique personality, and jewelry customization as a continuation Symbol of personality and temperament.

The second is simple style

Bespoke jewelry in this style is simple and classic, and needs to be suitable for a variety of outfits and occasions. Its design should not only pursue fashion, but also have its own aesthetic opinions. It is relatively quiet and restrained, and has high requirements on the quality of jewelry. The design is simple and not exaggerated.

The third is natural style

Natural style jewelry is becoming more and more popular in the modern society with developed materials. It is simple, natural and agile. It does not blindly pursue and overemphasize the sense of value of jewelry, but pays attention to the aesthetics and taste of jewelry. When wearing it, it exudes endless aftertaste and vitality. The vigorous fresh breath releases the oppression of the city trapped in the concrete jungle, and brings a fresh pleasure to life, work or relationship.

Fourth, fashion style

From the combination of material, color and design, this custom style stainless steel jewelry can be color plated, suitable for combination with fashion style clothing and clothing, and is highly decorative. It expresses the fashion of jewelry, likes to be the focus of everyone, emphasizes differences, and is deeply loved by the public.

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