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What are the advantages of custom matching of stainless steel jewelry?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-07
KeKe Jewelry recommends that the whole body of stainless steel custom jewelry should not exceed three pieces. What are the deployment principles?

1. To consider the role of the whole in general. Except for a banquet.

Second, the customized embellishment of stainless steel jewelry should be flexible and changeable, and the selected embellishment accessories can be coordinated with various clothing styles to improve the applicable function of the accessories.

3. Pay attention to your own characteristics. The wearing of jewelry should pay attention to the elements of the human body itself, and it should be in harmony with the person's body shape, hairstyle, face shape, skin color and clothing.

Fourth, pay attention to wearing jewelry in different places, and adapt to the environment and place. Different places have different requirements on the texture, style and method of jewelry, so different reasonable wearing methods should be adopted.

Fifth, pay attention to the seasonality of wearing stainless steel jewelry. Generally speaking, due to different seasons, the requirements for the texture, color, method and wearing choice of accessories are also different.

6. Pay attention to local customs. When wearing jewelry, you should pay attention to the customs and habits of various places. People in different regions have different preferences for the texture and color of jewelry.

Seven, don't be too complicated. For example, if you wear earrings, it is best not to wear brooches or bracelets. Because this arrangement is relatively dull, it is more appropriate to wear collars or rings of the same color series.

Eight, it is best to buy in sets. When the economy permits, when buying a collar, it is best to buy earrings and bracelets of the same color system or the same texture together for matching use.

Nine, pay attention to the overall coordination. There are various types and methods of wearing stainless steel jewelry. In the complex ornaments and wearing methods, it is necessary to consider not only the person, the environment, but also the role of the whole, and pay attention to the connection between many elements. Coordinated collocation, appropriate embellishment, talent plays the role of wearing jewelry.

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