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What about CIF of jewelry pendants ?

                                                                                   Please consult our Customer Support about the CIF for Certain items. If you are confused that Incoterms is best for in terms of prices, trade margins, supply chain efficiencies, time limits, etc., our earnings experts could help!

Foshan KeKe Jewelry Co., Ltd. is fully capable of manufacturing premium custom bracelets. As one of KeKe Jewelry's multiple product series, 316l stainless steel ring series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. In order to guarantee users safety, KeKe [custom necklace maker is manufactured in adherence to safety standards. Strict quality control is carried out during the production to eradicate any hidden danger of leakage. Its color is vivid and also flexibly customizable.  Part of the job of this product is to absorb impact as people walk. It has enough padding and allows for an even stride. Its size is customizable to meet customers' specific needs.

With the purpose of reducing the impact of our products on the environment, we make changes in our production. We are committed to developing products with higher recyclability and renovate our packaging ways.


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