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Welding process of jewelry processing-

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-21
Welding process of jewelry processing-KEKE jewelry processing factory
KEKE jewelry processing factory focuses on the processing of stainless steel jewelry and the supply of spot products. When we make jewelry, we need to use a variety of processes to witness the process of jewelry from zero to one. Today, I will tell you about jewelry processing. welding process used.

Why is the welding process used in jewelry processing? Because the jewelry has many interfaces, direct casting corrosion cannot be done, so the jewelry needs to be assembled, and the method of assembly is welding. For example, the interface that needs to be moved, such as the interface between the titanium steel necklace and the titanium steel bracelet, needs to be welded and assembled section by section. The same is true for products with diverse structures. Because there are many structures, they need to be divided into pieces and then welded together.

Are there any other places where the jewelry processing will need to use the welding process? Yes, some jewelry is composed of multiple materials, at this time, the accessories or main parts of different materials can be combined together through the welding process. There are also some accessories that are directly welded, such as claw chain jewelry, which do not require other accessories, and only need to be welded directly to complete the product.

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