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Wearing stainless steel earrings and cleaning and maintaining other earrings

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-09

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stainless steel jewelry

popular, many women now like to wear

stainless steel earrings

, and even some men began to wear them. However, if you wear it for a long time, you should pay attention to the cleaning of the earrings. Let's talk about how to clean and maintain the earrings.

1. Don't always pick your ears. Many people think that earwax is the responsibility of the ears. In fact, it can protect the ear from external damage. The ear has a self-cleaning function, and the ear canal can be used to clean the residual earwax. If you think your ears are clogged, it's best to find an ear, nose and throat professor for cleaning and comparison.

2. Environmental and UV damage. Ear damage due to exposure to the external environment. In winter, the ears can be briefly frostbitten and often moisturised. Wrinkle resistance of earrings in summer is also very important. Appropriately apply sunscreen.

3. Ear damage caused by earphone noise. Many people like to listen to music with headphones. Headphones breed bacteria temporarily, but the most harmful thing is noise. Too loud music can permanently damage your eardrums, so try to wear less headphones. If you really want to wear headphones, turn the volume down.

4. Metal allergic reaction to earrings. Some women experience allergic reactions after having their ears pierced, due to metal molecules choosing whether or not to trigger the body's active response plan. Stainless steel is a chemically inert metal, so wear these.

stainless steel jewelry

Not allergic, and metals like nickel are often allergic to the ear, causing inflammation. This is also the reason why women are allergic to earrings made of alloy materials.

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