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Unpierced titanium steel earrings are the new trend in jewelry-

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-21
Non-pierced titanium steel earrings become a new trend in jewelry-KEKE Jewelry Factory
Jewelry trends are mainly towards modernization, diversification and personalization, but also more emphasis on practicality, so there is a new jewelry trend - non-pierced titanium steel earrings. The appearance of this kind of jewelry satisfies the wishes of some people who don't want to pierce and want to wear earrings.

In the past, ear jewelry usually required pre-piercing of ear holes, such as ear hooks, earrings with pins and cloud heads, etc. When titanium steel earrings that can be worn without piercing appeared, it was undoubtedly a trendy choice among ear accessories, both beautiful and practical. We often do titanium steel jewelry OEM, so we have concluded that there are the following types of non-pierced titanium steel earrings, such as ear pliers with elastic splints, ear pliers with turnbuckles, ear pliers with strong magnetic splints, sleeves on the ears earrings, etc.

KEKE jewelry factory believes that this popular jewelry trend contains many modern elements, and it is more innovative in terms of structure, color and shape, which is in line with the sense of the times. And there are more ways to wear them, such as spring type, screw type, hanging type, sleeve hanging type, etc., so that consumers have more choices, so they are popular.

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