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Under what circumstances is there a proofing fee for jewelry processing? Is there a charge for re-proofing?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-29
Under what circumstances is there a proofing fee for jewelry processing? Is there a charge for re-proofing?
Under what circumstances will there be a proofing fee for jewelry processing? Only when the customer wants to change the style or re-make a new product, proofing confirmation is required, and a proofing fee will be charged before proofing. The proofing fee varies according to the needs of the product, generally between a few hundred yuan. The proofing time varies according to the difficulty of the product and the production schedule, usually 3-14 days.

Some customers who come to us for customized titanium steel jewelry processing ask, if the proofing samples are not satisfied, they need to re-proof, so the re-proofing jewelry samples need to pay the proofing fee again? We will provide two or three free sample modification services for proofing. That is to say, if the customer is not satisfied with the product, we continue to revise the proofing without charging additional proofing fees, but if the number of times exceeds the proofing cost, then the proofing fee needs to be paid again.

KEKE jewelry processing factory has 10 years of experience in titanium steel jewelry processing and customization. We all communicate with customers about the details of jewelry processing and proofing, fully understand the needs of customers before proofing, and then make proofing plans and modification suggestions according to customer needs, we 1-2 times of proofing can satisfy customers, and there is basically no need to re-pay the cost of processing and proofing titanium steel jewelry. Welcome customers who need titanium steel jewelry processing customization to contact us~

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